Galfond roars through midweek to create a mega March comeback

Poker News Apr 3, 2011, Last Updated: Apr 3, 2011 No comments
Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen

Online action at the highest stake on the planet has once again taken on a roller-coaster characteristic, this time with Phil Galfond coming straight back at the in-form Dane, Gus Hansen, Van Marcus and Scott Palmer.

An incredible Tuesday night session, of only 2,195 hands, saw Galfond walk away with almost $600,000 of other people’s money.

The familiar face-off with Gus Hansen on the Pot Linit Omaha tables created a considerable part of the gigantic hoard. In two of the biggest hands of the week, and what would be some of the biggest hands in history if it were not becoming almost a daily occurrence for such records to change and it is a good thing that record books are now digital and automatically-updateable documents, Galfond squeezed Hansen all-in for a $98,393 with a middling straight and then for $168,785 with a set of 10.

Meanwhile, Galfond wasalso playing 2-7 Draw against different opponents and managed to make a tidy sum against all of them. Just in March, Galfond earned more than $1.67 million dollars playing this modality; he tops the winnerboard for that variation, well ahead of David Oppenheim ($653,070) and Abe “EazyPeazy” Mosseri ($487,098). Blogging on this game, he wrote on Wednesday, that his most recent results were most likely readable as the “opposite side of variance … I still need a lot of work on my 2-7 game (I find myself lost/confused way too often still), and a ton of work on my Stud games, but I think everything’s coming along well.”

Galfond has turned the tables on Hansen to become this week’s biggest winner so far with earnings of $692,355 while Hansen hits the top of the loserboard with losses of $496,337.

“I’ve been grinding nonstop this month. I have had a lot of motivation to rebuild my roll after my massive downswing…Fortunately it’s worked!” Blogged Galfond, who has made $8,244,053 playing online cash games at Full Tilt since 2007. His profit for this year is now $787,230 after having had a terrible January and February which had put him on a deficit of over $1 million, to end March as the biggest winner is an achievement-and-a-half in psychological terms, as well as testament to his own investment of time in improving his game.


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